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Matti Nicholas Freeman is a self taught mixed media painter born August 9, 1983 in Bremerton, Washington.


"Painting is a way for me to express myself as adventure, play, exploration, and communication. Painting is a lot like sitting down at the piano and improvising; it's the interplay of practiced technical processes and spontaneous expression.

Inspiration comes from the expressions, designs, patterns, constructs, and systems of nature, the man-made world, human behavior and consciousness, and self-creation and expression. I strive to create work that stimulates introspection, contemplation, and fascination. Some of my favorite materials and mediums include paper and canvas scraps, wood glue, ephemera, India ink, joint compound, gel mediums, and graphite."

Matti grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he operates Freeman Gallery with his father, Craig Freeman. 


Palms Gallery, Kauai, HI. 2016 - 2018

Freeman Gallery, Santa Fe, NM. 2018 - current.

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